Ian McKay

CEO of Invest in Canada

Ian Gerard McKay is a Canadian executive who has led a distinguished career in business and politics. He is the inaugural CEO of Invest in Canada, appointed by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in February 2018. Immediately prior to his appointment Mr. McKay was recognized for assisting in the successful final negotiations for the Trans Pacific Partnership Free Trade Agreement as the Prime Minister’s Special Envoy to Japan.

Mr. McKay worked for 18 years as a senior executive in the financial markets in New York, Tokyo, London and Calgary. As well, he worked for eight years in the political arena in Ottawa, serving under two Prime Ministers, and as CEO of the Liberal Party of Canada. Mr. McKay has been featured by dozens of news outlets, including: The Hill Times, CBC/Radio-Canada, iPolitics, The Toronto Star, The National Post, the Globe and Mail, amongst others. He is fluent in Japanese, loves hockey and golf and is a native of Penticton, British Columbia.